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              Posted by  •  May 22

              Please refer to the webpage for all the General Meeting Documentation and Deadlines http://nbjkrb.icu/annual-general-meeting-2022/.

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              June 23  • 

              Valley Heritage Radio Annual General Meeting – 2021

              Please email agm@ for access to this information http://nbjkrb.icu/annual-general-meeting-2021/

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              January 21  • 

              Missed your Favorite Show…

              Check the Valley Heritage Radio Vault http://nbjkrb.icu/?p=10139

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              November 5  • 


              Online, In person or Phone

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              November 5  • 

              Radio Bingo

              More Information - http://nbjkrb.icu/bingo/

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              July 27  • 

              How to find your Favorite Recipe?

              Please use the SEARCH engine on the HOME page to find a specific recipe or visit the webpage for ALL the...

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              May 5  • 

              2021 Membership Drive – June 11, 2021

              Join us on June 11th...10:00am....Live with Art Jamieson...Phone in - 613-432-9873 or 1-888-532-9870Online - you will be taken to our "store"Form -...

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              November 5  • 

              Valley Heritage Radio Annual General Meeting 2020

              Please Register for meeting by Thursday November 19th - send email to...

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              September 30  • 

              Help Save the Renfrew Legion

              A GOFUNDME page has been...

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              September 14  • 

              Save the Arnprior Legion

              A Go Fund Me Page has been launched to help the Arnprior...

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              July 22  • 

              Operation Save our Legion

              Branch 353 of the Royal nadian Legion been an integral part of the Eganville community for 75 years and needs help. ...

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              June 20  • 

              Covid-19 VHR Policies and Procedures

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              April 20  • 


              5 C sliced Yukon gold or other yellow potatoes, thinly sliced 4 cloves garlic, minced 1 ? C shredded Swiss cheese 1/3 C chopped...

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              April 17  • 

              SWEET & SOUR PORK CHOPS

              4 pork chops Salt & pepper ? C tomato juice ? C maple syrup ? tsp. dry mustard ? tsp. ground cloves 1 tbsp. vinegar Brown...

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              April 16  • 


              ? C melted butter 2 eggs ? C flour ?  tsp. baking powder ? C white sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 2 tbsp. cocoa 3 C miniature...

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